Ecoflow River 2 is More Impressive at Its New Best Price

Many portable power stations are now on sale ahead of Father’s Day. If you’re particularly looking for a tiny and easy-to-carry power cube during camping or road trips, Ecoflow’s River 2 has now plunged to a new best price on Amazon.

The River 2 can be purchased for $157 combined with the coupon codes you need to apply before checkout and the straight discount. That makes it 47 percent cheaper than the usual price of $299 and also $12 lower than the recorded price of $169 which we usually see during sales.

Why the Ecoflow River 2 makes a perfect lightweight power station to buy

The Ecoflow River 2 is a relatively new entry and came on the scene at just the end of last year. It is essentially one of the smallest power stations in Ecoflow’s lineup, featuring 256 Wh battery capacity and only tipping the scale at 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg). Plus, it comes with a long bar handle that makes it easy to transport or manage with one hand.

The rated juice in the River 2 is enough to charge a smartphone more than a dozen times or run your router for several hours. Additionally, it serves a UPS while plugged into the wall, automatically switching during outages.

EcoFlow River 2 portable power station
EcoFlow River 2 portable power station can be charged via solar panels. / © EcoFlow

Meanwhile, it features two AC sockets and multiple USB ports and can energize the usual appliances with an output of 600 watts. There’s a front-facing display that remains legible in outdoor and night scenarios. But you can also manage the power station through the Ecoflow mobile app.

Like Ecoflow’s pricier power stations and solar generators (River 2 Pro review), the River 2 offers versatile charging. You can fast charge from 0 to 100 percent directly with the wall supply or about 3 hours with solar panels. It can be charged via the USB-C port and your car charger as well.

Is the Ecoflow River 2 a fit for your trips or home? How would you use it? Let us know in the comment section.


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