Discover Ducati’s Latest E-Bike Innovation: The Futa All Road

E-bikes come in different forms, with legendary Italian brand Ducati having introduced its latest e-bike model recently. What sets the Futa All Road apart from a conventional e-bike?

More famous for its high-performance motorcycles than e-bikes, Ducati claims that their latest Futa All Road is suitable to tackle long-distance rides and uneven terrain. This should raise an eyebrow, considering how challenging dirt tracks can get.

Ducati’s shiny new e-bike won’t come cheap

At first glance, the Futa All Road looks like a conventional e-bike. It features a two-tone black and red paint job, which provides an aggressive appearance. The handlebar, which also houses switches for the wireless electronic 2×12 gearshift, is typical of any racing bike. The hydraulic disc brakes are attached to the carbon rims.

However, the rims help reduce the overall weight of the pedelec as does the entire frame, ditching the conventional aluminum frame and relying on a UD carbon fiber monocoque frame instead. All these measures help it weigh a relatively lightweight 12.4 kilograms. A 250 Wh battery is installed in the downtube of the monocoque frame, which delivers a maximum torque of 42 Nm to the asphalt. With a so-called “range extender,” you can extend the battery power by another 250 Wh.

Whether for long or short distances, the electric motor makes riding a far more enjoyable experience, especially when it comes to conquering hills! This new pedelec from Ducati offers a total of five assistance levels. According to the manufacturer, you can connect it to a smartphone app to view various information, such as the remaining range or the battery charge level.

Pricing remains unknown, but rumors suggest the Ducati Futa All Road will be priced at approximately $8,340 and comes with a bikepacking set. It will be available in four different sizes.

Do you look forward to getting fit by cycling? If so, does an e-bike like Ducati’s Futa All Road appeal to you, or do you prefer the traditional muscle-powered bicycles?


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