Controversy Over Spotify’s Car Thing: Users to Receive Refunds

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. However, a few days ago, the company upset the apple cart and caused an uproar among their subscribers who are clamoring for their $90 refund after the company announced they will discontinue the Car Thing in-car streaming device. Thankfully, it seems Spotify has changed its stance and will be issuing refunds of $90 for those affected.

Having existed for three years thereabouts, the in-car streaming device will end up as a costly paperweight or electronic waste later this year. A lawsuit was filed, accusing the music streaming provider of misleading customers. This is the most likely reason why Spotify has responded accordingly.

Spotify responds to criticism

Car Thing was Spotify’s effort to simplify the music listening experience in any vehicle. However, less than three full years after the device hit the market, its end was announced. Spotify cited low demand for the device as the primary reason for its discontinuation, where December 9, 2024, is the final day the device would be supported. Needless to say, many users are unhappy upon hearing that news.

Over the past few days, Spotify received numerous complaints through social networks or directly via customer service about the matter. Some users claimed Spotify’s customer service representatives offered them several months of free premium access in exchange. According to the news outlet Engadget, other customers were informed that no refund was forthcoming. Thankfully, the music streaming service provider changed its course.

Hooray! Affected customers will receive refunds

According to US media, Spotify made it clear that they have begun to offer refunds for the soon-to-be discontinued Car Thing. Those who have a purchase receipt should contact customer service and receive their refund for the vehicle streaming device, they say. Perhaps the lawsuit in the US also prompted the music streaming service provider to take this step.

The Car Thing from Spotify is just one example of a device that was once expensive and technically flawless but will be discontinued. Another example of this would be Logitech shutting down its Squeezebox. That device also lost all music streaming functions and is also relegated to electronic waste as well. Well, at least you still have the regular Spotify app and make the most of it with the best Spotify tips and tricks

Are you one of the affected subscribers? Based on your experience, will you continue with your Spotify subscription or look elsewhere?


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