Lego’s BTS set is adorable beyond all reason

Lego’s BTS set has been unveiled and if you can hear a high-pitched Little Miss Sunshine-level squealing on the wind, I’ll try and stop. No promises though.

The 749-piece “Dynamite” set features all seven members of the K-pop powerhouse hanging out on the video set of their mega single, which smashed YouTube’s 24-hour record in 2020 with over 100 million views in a day. It also broke the record for the most commented on YouTube video ever.


I love watching BTS fail at making pancakes

Designed by two 20-year-old fans, the kit comes with outstandingly cute Lego versions of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook wearing their outfits from the video — look at V’s little waistcoat get-up, I can’t. They’re placed among tiny buildable sets of the pastel-hued, ’70s style locations: the retro burger and donut shop, the ice cream truck, the record store, the basketball court, and that all-important discothèque with its giant DISCO sign. Plus, there’s a little BTS stage.

You can pop a turquoise-haired RM in the record store surrounded by little Lego “Dynamite” vinyls, send Jungkook to raise that donut toast, or let V have a dance next to the ice cream truck.

A Lego version of BTS' "Dynamite" video including the group and set of retro donut and record stores.

Credit: Lego

The BTS members as Lego figures.

Credit: Lego

BTS as Lego figures standing on a Lego stage.

Credit: Lego

Lego had teased a BTS release just a few days ago on Twitter(Opens in a new tab). The BTS set is not merchandise released by their label BigHit or agency HYBE. It’s part of Lego’s Ideas platform(Opens in a new tab), in which people can submit their own designs for sets and others can vote for them to be made. The “Dynamite” set was designed by two friends: Josh, 20, a designer from Indiana, and Jacob, 21, a BTS fan from New York. Their design reached 10,000 views on the Ideas site, so Lego gave it the go-ahead.

“Josh did the building and design work and, as a massive BTS fan, I told him what needed to be in it, what details were most important,” said Jacob in a statement in Lego’s press release.

“Jacob had the BTS knowledge, and he was able to direct my build in the proper way,” added Josh in a statement. “I watched the music video over and over and tried to capture its essence in the Lego bricks.”

You’ll be able to buy the BTS “Dynamite” Lego set is from early March 2023 for $99.99 (£89.99 / €99.99) on Lego’s website(Opens in a new tab) and in stores.

Here’s the video, because the song’s already in your head at this point.

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