Best Squarespace templates for mobile in 2023 (UK)

If you ever had to pinch-and-zoom your way around a website, trying to press microscopic buttons just to get to the next page, then you probably know how important it is that your website can adapt to the small screen. Squarespace is a website design and hosting platform that ensures that every one of its 90+ templates will resize itself for a legible mobile experience, but some templates offer even more options with customisable features(Opens in a new tab) you can play with just for the mobile version of your website.

Among these templates, some of the mobile features are pretty basic and come down to adjusting font size. But others, such as any of the 40+ templates within the Brine template family, offer many ways to tweak the mobile version of your website and give your phone-holding viewers a strong first impression.

Do Squarespace websites work on mobile?

Every Squarespace template is built off the concept of responsive design, which changes the dimensions of your website as viewers adjust the size of their browser or switch devices to read your content from a tablet or phone. On mobile, all of your content will stack vertically, eliminating the need to pinch, zoom, or scroll horizontally. Aside from making your site easier to use, there are many benefits to having a mobile-optimised website, such as having a higher SEO indexing priority(Opens in a new tab) and the opportunity to take advantage of some mobile-only customizations.

How do you make a Squarespace website look good on mobile?

When you’re using your desktop to design your website, the first thing you should do is adjust the size of your browser so you can preview how design elements will shift in the mobile view. If you’re using spacer blocks on the desktop version of your website, bear in mind that these will disappear in the mobile version as the priority is to stack each element vertically. When deciding how to layout your website, you should think about the potential reader who has just arrived and where they are coming from. Did they click through from your Instagram profile or find one of your blog posts on Google? Because everything on mobile is stacked vertically, you should put your most important information at the top of the page every time.

If your website features many photos, you should also consider uploading them at reduced file size, since large-format images can cause your mobile site to load more slowly. Squarespace recommends keeping your page under 5MB to make sure it loads quickly and if you are using your website for blogging, you can also toggle on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)(Opens in a new tab) to quicken the pace of how fast your posts load.

What is the best Squarespace template for mobile websites?

We selected some of the best Squarespace templates for mobile websites, not just from the all-star Brine family, but also other templates that may have features better-suited for your business.


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