Best smartwatch deal: Save 57% on a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

SAVE $200: As of Nov. 21, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is on sale for $149 at Walmart. That’s a savings of 57%.

The holidays can feel like a tornado of overindulgence, here to disrupt your exercise goals in a storm of mashed potatoes and second helpings. Stay on track with this deal on a smartwatch that can track your health, help you manage your sleep, monitor your oxygen levels, and look stylish. Who says you can’t have it all?

As of Nov. 21, Walmart is taking $200 off the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic(Opens in a new tab) as part of its pre-Black Friday extravaganza. What’s normally $349.99 is now $149, for a savings of 57%. This is an additional $50 discount on top of the lowest prices we’ve seen elsewhere, including Amazon, Best Buy, and previous Walmart sales.


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You can get a Galaxy Watch 4 starting at $249 full-price, but this much more stylish, fully stainless-steel Classic adds a touch of class. With a knurled bezel and a numbered inner ring that can track minutes, it resembles a traditional wristwatch — you know, the kind your grandpa would hand down to you. But then again, a standard Rolex can’t track your vitals, monitor your cardio and oxygen levels, send emails, or sync up to your Android.

Smartwatch life isn’t for everyone. (How badly do you need Samsung Pay on your wrist? Do you need to know your “sleep score?”) But if you’re curious about the smartwatch life, this Classic can be a good entry point while still dressing up your wrist — especially at this heavily discounted $149 price(Opens in a new tab).


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