Best electric massagers in 2023 (UK)

We know you’re tense at the moment. We’re tense too. Everyone is tense. It’s just the way of the modern world. A fact that’s sure to make you feel, well, tense.

The truth is, we could all benefit from a professional massage — preferably somewhere picturesque by someone who really knows what they’re doing with their hands. Probably with lots of candles, some atmospheric music, and maybe a few essentials oils in the air. Lovely.

All of that sounds absolutely amazing, but let’s live in the real world for a second. If you want regular release from tension, you are better off considering an electric massager. So, if you’re in the market for a massager, we can help. We wouldn’t want you spending hours of your time researching devices and reading reviews. This is all about finding a release from tension, not adding to it. We’ve done that for you. But first, here’s some handy information.

What is an electric massager?

These are devices that buzz, heat, and work deep into your muscles. They help to reduce pain and tightness, increase mobility, and aid in the recovery from injuries.

Your might experience a boost in your general mood, too. The pressure point relief that massage provides has been linked to decreased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), an increase in endorphins (which is altogether more feel-good), plus a lower heart rate.

Are there different types of electric massager?

There are several variations of electric massager. The most popular device is the massage gun. There are several on this list. These are mostly used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes to target specific muscle groups. Others include variations on back/neck massagers and chair covers. These are placed behind you when you’re in a sitting position (or lying down) and set to work while you relax.

What is a shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that combines kneading, pressing, and stretching techniques. The idea is non-invasive techniques that help reduce tension and give you an energy boost. Many of the massagers on this list deliver a version of shiatsu by using 3D nodes that press into the body.

What are the most important electric massager features?

There are a range of massager styles, so different models will have different features. Muscle guns will have multiple speed and routine settings, while back massagers may have heat options and — as detailed above — specially designed massaging nodes. One universal feature that’s worth researching is battery life, or charging capabilities. Does your massager’s juice always need toppIng up? Or can you easily charge it up wherever you are? Even in the car? And if it’s a back/neck massager, check to see if it straps to your chair or attaches in another way.

What is the best electric massager?

There are plenty of top-quality devices out there for every budget, and we have tracked down a selection of the very best for you to consider. We have lined up a selection of the best devices from top brands. All you need to do is check out this roundup and pick your favourite. We’re sure you can stretch to that.

These are the best electric massagers in 2023.

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