Best Amazon FBA and Shopify dropshipping bundle deal

TL;DR: The Amazon FBA and Shopify Dropshipping Bundle(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £24.74, saving you 94% on list price.

The average Amazon Prime user reportedly spends roughly £1,000 a year(Opens in a new tab) on the e-commerce giant, while non-Prime members spend about half. 

This year, perhaps it’s time to change all that and earn via Amazon for once instead of the other way around. If you’ve always wanted to learn the ropes in building an e-commerce empire, the Amazon FBA and Shopify Dropshipping bundle(Opens in a new tab) can fill you in on the basics of building an online store from scratch, as well as how to expand it. It even lets you in on a little secret: selling products without doing the fulfillment yourself. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for £24.74.

Taught by Paul Heidiri, an entrepreneur with ample experience in creating several passive incomes in the field of Amazon FBA, digital dropshipping, and selling courses, this three-pronged bundle will guide you on finding the right niche and profitable items to sell, finding and negotiating with suppliers, writing advertising copy that fits your target group, and creating a highly profitable product listing with SEO keywords. You’ll get a primer on how the Amazon algorithm works and how to game it, and the best ways to create customised PPC ads to rake in more sales.

If you want to explore beyond Amazon, the course bundle offers guidance on creating a Shopify online store optimised to hopefully be profitable. Social media marketing education is also included, with courses centred on creating effective Facebook ads and tailoring them to your products. All in all, this package will teach you how to kickstart an e-commerce side project, increase sales, achieve higher profits, and (with any luck) be well on your way to building an empire.

Formerly retailing for £500, this Amazon FBA and Shopify Dropshipping bundle(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for only £24.74 for a limited time.

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