Best Amazon deal: Grab the Kindle Scribe essentials bundle for 38% off

SAVE $168: The Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle (16GB, Basic Pen) is on sale for $271.97 at Amazon, down from the usual price of $439.97. That’s a 38% discount, and the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Have you ever tried packing for a relaxing vacation and realized those 12 books you plan to read pool-side won’t fit into your luggage? While reading will forever be one of the best hobbies around, it can be cumbersome to tote around your current book, whether you’re on vacation or commuting to work with an 800-page hard-back book. Save yourself some trouble and cash in today’s deal at Amazon on one of the best e-readers available.

As of June 27, the Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle (16GB, Basic Pen) is on sale for $271.97 at Amazon, down from the usual price of $439.97. That’s a savings of $168 or a 38% discount. It also happens to be the lowest price we’ve ever seen at Amazon.

The Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle includes a 16GB version of the e-reader, a leather folio cover, the Basic Pen, and a power adapter, so you’ll be ready to roll with all necessary accessories.

The Kindle Scribe is a versatile e-reader, allowing you to not only read your favorite books but giving you the power to write and draw thanks to the included pen. If you prefer to take notes in the margins of books, the Scribe could be the best Kindle out there for you. It also allow you to write on documents, create lists, write notes, or draw your best digital sketch yet.


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Thanks to its 10.2-inch screen size, the Scribe can display two book pages at once with landscape orientation, making the experience more similar to reading a physical book. It’s also glare-free, so reading in the sun won’t be an issue. Amazon also mentions the Scribe gets the longest battery life out of any Kindle, getting weeks of use on a single charge. Plus, the pen doesn’t require a battery so you’ll never need to set it down to re-charge.

Mashable Deals

In Mashable’s review of every Kindle device, the team rated the Scribe as the best model for those who like to take notes. “If you haven’t been able to get on board with e-readers because you like to jot down notes in the margins of your books, the Amazon Kindle Scribe just might convert you,” says the review.

If you love reading and taking notes, today’s deal on the Kindle Scribe could be a great investment when it comes to the enjoyment category of life. At the lowest price we’ve ever seen, the bundle also comes with a folio case and a charging adapter, making this a one-stop-shopping experience. Plus, if you summer plans involve travel, you’ll be cutting down on weight and bulk without needing to pack physical books.


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