Apple-Owned Beats Studio Pro (2023) are on Sale for $150 Less

If you’re in the market for high-end wireless Bluetooth headphones with noise-canceling and lossless sound features that won’t break the bank, now’s the time to snag a pair. On Amazon, Apple-owned Beats Studio Pro (2023) have returned to their second-best price $199, meaning you can buy it at 43 percent off.

What’s even better is that all colorways of the Studio Pro are available from this sale, so you can pick them in classic black or new finishes like brown and navy blue.

Why you won’t go wrong buying Beats Studio Pro (2023)

Apple gave the Beats Studio Pro numerous upgrades both in sound and features, which make them commendable if you’re coming from an older pair of audio cans. Primarily, the headphones boast redesigned internals with new custom 40 mm transducers for much better clarity and balanced sound quality. The addition of a USB-C connector supports lossless audio and quick charging.

There are also improvements with ANC through the redesigned microphones that subsequently result in more effective noise blocking and clearer voice calls. You can enable and personalize spatial audio with head tracking for a theater-like sound experience.

Beats Studio Pro (2023)
The Beats Studio Pro (2023) feature lossless audio via USB and ultra-plush new ear cushions. / © Beats

The Beats Studio Pro offer solid battery life as well. They hold up to 40 hours of playback time between charges with ANC and transparency mode disabled, and that beats the pricer AirPods Max (review). They are also compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms, even supporting many features like Find My, Google’s Fast Pair, and one-touch pairing, among others.

What do you think of the Beats Studio Pro and their features? Are you looking to buy them at this rate? We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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