Apple Magic? iPhone’s next-gen Dynamic Island may become invisible

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max were the first Apple devices to debut with Dynamic Island. Through a patent, Apple is tipped working on a next-gen Dynamic Island which could be hidden below the display. Not only are iPhones likely to benefit from this technology, but it is expected to be adopted on future iPad and MacBooks as well as VR glasses.

The new patent granted to the Cupertino giant has been spotted by Patently Apple. It details how Apple would utilize an under-display technology and specifically refers to this as transparent windows that will house underneath sensors such as a front-facing camera or a set of components related to 3D air gestures of an XR headset.

All-screen design for iPads, Macs, and watches

In regards to the iPhone, Apple can squeeze its Face or Touch ID together with other necessary sensors and allow these to blend in with an OLED panel resulting in an all-screen facade. To achieve this, a complex design is needed which includes a display stack with several layers of different materials along with sensors placed at the bottom. 

Apple's patent shows hidden Dynamic Island below the iPhone's scren
Apple’s patent shows how it plans to turn Dynamic Island invisible / © Patently Apple

It added that the design is not limited to the form of Dynamic Island. Apple’s approach could accommodate different shapes and sizes. More importantly, this could be positioned anywhere in the device’s display like in the corner or top center. It is safe to say the said method will allow Apple to apply the transparent window to smaller form factors like smartwatches or smart glasses.

When is Apple launching hidden or under-screen sensors on iPhones

The core function of Apple’s tech is notably similar to the present solutions that Samsung and other display makers have been using. For instance, Samsung already introduced UPC or Under Panel Camera to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and improved it on Galaxy Z Fold 4 (review). On the other hand, the feature is rumored to arrive first on the iPhone 16 (Pro) which is only scheduled in 2024.

With Apple’s high standards, do you think the company could pull a better under-screen design compared to Samsung? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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