Apple Could Make ChatGPT Features on iOS 18 Optional

With Apple set to debut new generative AI features on iOS 18, its plan could possibly raise privacy concerns among many pundits and users with the adoption of AI. But it seems the Cupertino tech company might have a way to circumvent the backlash by making these features as an opt-in service.

The leaker Mark Gurman is alleging in the latest Bloomberg Power On newsletter that Apple will be making some AI features in its iOS 18 and other operating systems optional rather than having them enabled at all times.

Now, it’s unclear which AI tools Gurman is referring to. But it’s presumed that this is for OpenAI’s ChatGPT integration, which is believed to be the third-party AI choice of Apple that it is infusing into its OSes on top of its in-house AI offerings.

As reported before, the ChatGPT features could include the chatbot itself, as well as other tools like image generation within the model. These are set to be powered by the cloud, along with some advanced generative AI features coming from Apple itself. However, simple processes like summarization and smart replies in emails and messages are said to be done on-device and using Apple’s Ajax model.

Why Apple could make ChatGPT features opt-in

Apple’s decision to make these optional will help brush off concerns of users that are worried about OpenAI getting access to their personal data. At the same time, it could also make a great temporary solution for Apple in terms of major issues arises with ChatGPT such as the chatbot producing incorrect results or getting rouge, similar to the fiasco with Google’s Gemini.

While nothing is yet official about these report, we don’t need to wait for too long. Apple has scheduled WWDC 2024 on June 10 where it will likely announce the partnership with OpenAI and the major iterations to its platforms including iOS 18, watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and macOS 15.

Do you think Apple’s initiative will be beneficial for users like you? What are your thoughts about this? Let us hear your answers in the comment section.


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