Apple AirPower Charging Pad Expected To Launch In 2018 |

It seems Apple’s Wireless AirPower charging pad has had a few technical hurdles that Apple’s engineers are working to address and resolve before a launch date.

Recent talk regarding the debut of the Apple’s AirPower charging pad seem to have surfaced again, and the latest talk states that Apple hopes to present the wireless charging pad sometime this year. It seems Apple’s engineers have come across a few issues which have caused the delay, one major issue seems to point to “the complexity of the circuitry” the engineers are quite concerned that the circuitry could cause faulty problems that could result in overheating.

The well anticipated wireless charging pad will assist users in better organizing their Apple devices neatly in one charging area once the AirPower charging pad launches. The AirPower charging pad does not need a special case, just place up to three Apple devices whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or an Apple Watch on top of the AirPower pad and devices will start the charging process.

It seems the charging pad has been packed with multiple charging sensors, talk has it that making multiple sensors can be a difficult challenge to build because it requires using different size charging components for three different devices while overlapping each other.

The most recent report states that engineers are still resolving some issues and hope to have the wireless charging pad ready to launch by September.

Source: Macworld



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