Apple AirPods Max are Never Been This Cheap Before (Save 28%)

The Apple AirPods Max remain the over-ear ANC headphones we’d recommend to most Apple fans and users. And now, they’re on sale for $151 off at Amazon ahead of the Prime Day event. This ultimately nets you 27 percent off the usual price of the headphones, listing them down to a new record low price at $398 from $549.

This price applies to the black colorway of the AirPods Max while the other options are slightly listed at $399 like silver or blue. Alternatively, you can add an AppleCare+ warranty, which only costs an extra of $59, but brings a total piece of mind in case your headphones are accidentally damaged.

Why buy the Apple AirPods Max today

Despite the Apple AirPods Max (review) are getting old, the pair of audio cans remain a solid purchase, more especially since they’re cheaper. They scored relatively high in our colleague’s review. Most of those plus points were earned due to their premium design that doesn’t age as per Antoine.

They have this canopy headband with a fabric mesh that adds an extra visual touch while keeping a comfortable fit on the head. At the same time, the headband’s frame is made of sturdy stainless steel wrapped in a soft touch material. Another unique elements are the exposed telescopic arms.

As for the audio cans, they come in aluminum with a matching color to the headband. There is a digital crown along with buttons for controls to quickly manage playback or switch into different modes.

AirPods Max viewed from the side
Apple’s AirPods Max headband branches give it a modern look. / © nextpit

In terms of sound, the AirPods Max output clean and precise audio that leans more on balanced treble, mids, and controlled bass. While in terms of noise-canceling, Apple’s headphones are among the best in their class. They attenuate natural borne and static noises excellently even the ear cups design doesn’t have the best passive noise isolation.

Furthermore, switching the transparency mode provides a very natural blend of outside noises. You’d get the AirPods Max for their usability as well. There is support for spatial audio with head tracking and multi-pairing for Apple devices, among other useful features.

The AirPods Max are rated with 20 hours of battery life, and while that is something average, it was noted in our review that this rating didn’t degrade even after a few years of use.

Have you been waiting for the AirPods Max to go down to this new record-low price before buying? Let us know in the comments if you are intending to buy a pair.


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