Android M release to focus on cars

Although the vast majority of users are still waiting to get Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google is already working on the next major release of its mobile platform – Android M.

Details are still scarce, but according to this Reuters report, the next major Android launch will be all about cars, allowing automakers to make their products that much smarter.

We’re talking about seamless connectivity that doesn’t require drivers to tether their phones with the current infotainments system like Android Auto does. Moreover, we would expect any Android Auto 2 to be able to sing along car’s camera, sensors, fuel gauge, while leveraging built-in internet connection.

Google has already managed to get General Motors, Hyundai and Nissan on board for its Android Auto initiative, and chances are more car makers will be joining-in when the new version launches next year (or whenever). These partner companies may decide to use their own interfaces (to differentiate their offerings) and before you know it – we’ll be getting car-enabled TouchWIZ and Sense UI for our cars.

Meanwhile, Apple is pursuing its CarPlay service and it too has cornered many of the top companies on its side. Some of those, however, are willing to play on both sides and allow prospective drivers to use their iPhones AND Android devices while driving.

Aside from enabling smart vehicles, Android M will likely be bringing other capabilities as well, such as those supporting smart homes, innovative health services and more. We’ll likely see the first beta in late 2015. Meanwhile, we’re eager to hear your thoughts; what would you like to see in the next major version of Android? Comments form is all yours…

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