Accellera announces Federated Simulation Standard working group

“The number one challenge to functional verification is creating sufficient test design,” he continued. The charter of the FSS working group is to establish cross-industry collaboration “to improve the interoperability of product and environment simulation, models, and components using existing and new open standards”.

It is charged with developing a standard and open infrastructure to enable the interoperability of established modelling and simulation standards throughout the product lifecycle and as part of a simulation ecosystem, said Martin Barnasconi, Accellera’s technical committee chair and chair of the FSS working group.

The working group will consider the different federated simulation approaches and standards from multiple industries such as avionics, space, semiconductor, automotive, and mechatronics with a view to leveraging and connecting existing industry standards and formats for modelling, integration, and simulation. While the need for a federated simulation ecosystem is not new, conceded Accellera, this cross-industry approach, rather than an industry- or application-specific one marks a change. “This cross-industry aspect is increasingly important because of the diverse companies in supply chains that are sharing and integrating more diverse models, simulators, and components. In turn, this drives the need for interoperability and the development of a standardised and open infrastructure,” said Accellera.





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