Delete After Reading Combines an Adventure and Puzzle Game With Fun Results

The game has a bit of something for everyone and includes an adventure story to stoke your imagination, puzzles, and much more.

On the worst day of the their life, a child find a odd device with a classified and secret file named Delete After Reading.

A group of kids—Nina, Cinco, and Tomate—want you to join them on a secret mission. And they just happen to be dead.

But the group wants to repair an injustice from Destiny. In the game, he is to blame for everything that happens to us. He can be an excuse for not accepting your responsibilities or a cause to fight against.

And to be the master of your own destiny in the game, you’ll need to lean on leadership, generosity, teamwork, and more.

The group of kids need to battle against Destiny and a big injustice. A despised millionaire, Martin Skrillex, has taken off with the only existing copy of a highly anticipated video game. He wants to be the only person who can play “The Curse of Penguin Island.”

Everyone will sneak into the bad guy’s mansion to steal the video game so kids around the world can enjoy it. Just make sure to delete the file after reading.

The game is full of fun that combines both the narrative and puzzle solving while also mixing in audio, video, and more.

Delete After Reading is designed for the iPhone, all iPad models, and the Mac. It’s a free download on the App Store now.

An in-app purchase of $4.99 will unlock the entire game. After the free first chapter, there are an additional five to read and explore.


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