Music Library Tracker is Perfect for Fans of Spatial Audio Tracks on Apple Music

Spatial Audio songs provide an true immersive sound experience and bring a new life to all the music you love. 

And you’ll always know when a Spatial Audio version of your favorite music arrives with the updated Music Library Tracker.

Starting with version 2.0, the app can detect if your tracks have recently been upgraded to Spatial Audio. 

As a nice touch, a new page lists all of the upgraded tracks in a timeline. You can just tap a song to play it. 

For even more interaction, the app can also create a Spatial Audio playlist within Apple Music that is updated automatically. You can even see a daily notification that shows any new music tracks that were updated in the previous day. 

Just to note, the Spatial Audio scanning is an opt-in feature. Your music identifiers are sent to a remote server, but no personally identifiable information is ever sent. 

The update has also brought a redesign with  new colors, icons, and layout. The onboarding experience has also been improved to help walk through library access, Spatial Audio, playlist generation, and notifications. 

On the iPad, the app now sports keyboard shortcuts, trackpad supports, and improved readability. 

Along with being notified when a track is updated to Spatial Audio, the app can do much more.

It will continually monitor your media library on your iPhone or iPad, including iCloud Music Library if enabled. The app will automatically monitor any additions, deletions, and any changes to your songs. That’s especially important as songs will sometimes disappear due to licensing issues. 

You can quickly see an overview of changes to your library with filters to better customize the experience. 

Select a specific track to see details including what metadata changed and when tracks were added or deleted from you library. 

Music Library Tracker is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It’s a $2.99 download on the App Store. 

There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions required. The app also works without an Internet connection.

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