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Improve Your Social Networking Experience With the Control Panel for Twitter Safari Extension


In January, the social network cut off access to the social network for all third-party clients like popular Twitterrific and Tweetbot. The only remaining way to use Twitter via an app is with the official app.

As anyone who’s been keeping up with new owner Elon Musk knows, the official app is not exactly an enjoyable way to browse Twitter, especially with its algorithmic For You feed that might be full of Musk’s tweets.

So if you’re fed up, try out the new Control Panel for Twitter.

Even though it’s not an app, the Safari extension can make using Twitter’s site an more enjoyable experience with a number of configurable options.

By default, the extension will default your timeline to a reverse-chronological Following timeline that will only show tweets from the people you follow. The For You tab is hidden away.

The default view will also move retweets to a separate tab. You can also hide them entirely. Other options include the ability to hide tweets quoting accounts you’ve blocked or muted and mute quoting of specific tweets.

Another great options is to view a full-width timeline to hide the sidebar and make better use of your screen.

If you spend too much time on Twitter, the extension also offers ways to reduce your engagement. You can hide views under tweets and metrics, and even hide the action bar under tweets so replies is the only way to interact. You can even disable the home timeline.

There are also a wide variety of UI improvements and tweaks you can customize. For example, you can replace Twitter Blue checkmarks with the Blue logo so they won’t look like verified accounts. They can also be hidden altogether,

Control Panel for Twitter is available to download now on the App Store for $5.99. It works on Safari on both the iPhone and iPad.

Once you download the extension, tap the AA on the left side of the search field and then choose Manage Extensions. Select Control Panel for Twitter and turn it on.

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