SwitchBuddy is the Perfect Companion for the Nintendo Switch

Easily one of the best features is the ability to transfer screenshots and videos. You’ll just need to scan the initial QR code shown on the Switch. The app uses that code to connect to console and transfer media with just a single tap.

You can transfer media to your Photo Library or iCloud Drive.

If the Switch is docked, you can also use the app’s integrated Sofa Mode that will zoom to quickly scan QR codes.

All of the screenshots are available in the built-in gallery that groups the images based on the game for quick navigation. They can also be shared with others.

You can also head to the app’s News tab to see articles from Nintendo-focuses site. Articles are opened with the native browser.

And with a recent update, you can now track new game releases using the Games tab. You can see upcoming titles by months for a quick way to view the information. The new game page offers screenshots, trailers, and links to see exactly what the game is about.

All of the release dates are region-aware. You can also share the game page with others.

When selecting an upcoming game as a favorite, you can quickly access it later. It will also make the available for a countdown widget on your home screen. You can choose from a small and medium widget size that

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, SwitchBuddy is a free download on the App Store now.

You can unlock additional features with an $18.99 per year subscription. Subscribers can unlock extra app themes and alternative icons for the apps. It will also remove the limit on the number of favorited games. In the free version, you can only favorite a maximum of give games.

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