Help Stay on Track of All Your Goals With Gola

But the new app Gola is designed to make it easier to achieve big goals while helping you to stay on track with your progress.

To make it easy, when starting the app, you can select from four different types of goals. First up is the single-task goal like finish a marathon. The sub-goals is where you’ll need to finish multiple goals to complete it.

The progress goal is something that you will make progress on as the year passes like run 10 miles. Finally, the open progress goal is completed when the year is finished like swim was much as possible.

You can also select an icon, emoji, or two letters for every goal that has been created.

After the goal is created you can choose to be reminded via notifications whenever you want. It’s also easy to create Siri Shortcuts to check in on your goals so you want lose track. Just say “Hey Siri, show me my goals in Gola.”

When using there are five themes to select from that work in both light and dark mode.

And with a recent update, the app has also made its way to the Apple Watch. You can easily track and update your goals from the wearable device while also checking on your progress. With complications, you can view progress with just a quick glance at your chosen watch face.

Gola is for the iPhone and Apple Watch and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

A subscription to Gola Pro will unlock additional features including the ability to add unlimited goals, more types of goals, and advanced settings.

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