24 channel LED driver for vehicles

Novosense package

NSL21924 is aimed at rear lights, exterior lights and general automotive interior and body lighting, and 16 channel NSL21916 is available when fewer channels are needed.

Qualification is to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 (Tj = -40 to +150°C) and up to 100mA can be supported on each channel. Dropout is 600mV max at 50mA.

“A 2bit global and 6bit individual current setting combined with 12bit independent PWM dimming and phase shift PWM dimming capabilities ensure flexible LED brightness control,” according to the company. “On-board programmable eeprom allows the same device to be configured for different applications.”

On top of this, a built-in UART supports control and diagnostics, and this interface can be combined with an external CAN physical layer.

Diagnostics include LED open-circuit, LED short-to-ground and single LED short-circuit.

“A configurable watchdog timer can be used to automatically configure failsafe states when connection to the host microcontroller is lost, and a thermal sharing mechanism that dissipates heat via a shunt resistor protects against excessive temperature rises,” said Novosense.

At least one of the two drivers is available in HTSSOP38 packaging.

See the part at PCIM in Nuremberg until 13 June on stand 636 in hall 9.

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