±1°C temperature sensor + RTC draws only 160nA

MicroCrystal RV-3032-C7 temp sensor and RTC

Called RV-3032-C7, it comes in an hermetically sealed reflow solderable 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.8mm ceramic SON-8 package – which is Pb-free, RoHS compliant and AEC-Q200 qualified.

It is actually a module, as the company, a division of Swatch, has also integrated quartz crystal resonator.

Operation is across -40 to +105°C and 1.2 to 5.5V, and control is through an I2C interface.

“This ability to operate on a wider temperature range makes it an ideal choice for outdoor and Grade 2 automotive applications,” according to the company. “Besides accurate temperature measurement, the part allows setting high and low temperature threshold alarms with time-stamp and interrupt function. It also provide the ability for the end user to make a one-point calibration, to increase the absolute accuracy.”

MicroCrystal RV-3032-C7 temp sensor and RTCc blockThrough digital compensation of the crystal oscillator, time accuracy is ±2.5ppm over -40 to +85°C, then ±20ppm above +85°C. ±1.5ppm from 0 to +50°C is also claimed.

A frequency output is available, with the same digital compensation (which adds jitter) if it is set between 64 and 4,096Hz.

Ina higher power mode, this output can also produce from ~8kHz to 67MHz in 8.192kHz steps, but based on the raw crystal frequency which is neither temperature compensated nor offset compensated.

An automatic switch is provided to power the internal clock from a coin cell, rechargeable battery or super-cap when Vcc is removed, and a trickle-charger is provided, with a 1.75V charge option amongst its settings particularly for TDK’s CeraCharge devices – all of this is covered in the extensive official application note, which can be more accurately thought of as a part 2 to the rather brief data sheet.

Standard RTC functions are provided, from calendar year counting to 10ms interval counting.

Other functions are: external event detection, password data protection and a 32 bytes of EEPROM alongside the configuration EEPROM.

Applications are foreseen in vehicles, battery-powered IoT, environmental monitoring and cold-chain shipping.

The temperature sensor cum real-time clock can be found on this web page , then the all-too-brief data sheet is here and the extensive application note here – the latter is worth a look as the IC has more functions than are mentioned above.

With more than 40 years experience of crystals, Micro Crystal is based in Grenchen, Switzerland and has manufacturing in Switzerland and Thailand as well as sales in Europe, the United States and Asia.

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